Starting at FABRIC $6/square foot

Starting at Polymer $9/square foot 

Aerolux designs the Vertical Blind in both a FABRIC option and a POLYMER option.

Aerolux Fabric Vertical Blinds are crafted with self-adjusting runners and mechanisms. Available in a wide range of fabrics, the bottom of these blinds are inserted with metal weights which are embedded in high grade Polymer weights and are connected to each vertical fabric slat with decorative chains.

Aerolux Polymer Vertical Blinds are crafted with curved polymer panels that are  3.5 inches in width and made in the USA. The detailed engineering allows for highest range of control of light filtering and privacy.  The highlight of this product is that it is extremely easy to clean and with the Aerolux style of design, the bottom weights and decorative chain have actually been eliminated, rendering a uniformed appearance and closure from top to bottom. The Polymer Vertical Blind can also be made into a Horizontal blind with the slats running horizontally instead of vertically.