The Pleated Blind

Starting at $7/square foot

Aerolux Pleated Blinds are engineered with the highest standards and are designed with a special mechanism that ensures symmetric pleats through the blind.  High quality also ensures the long lasting durability of the blind as the pleats keep their shape even after many years.  The Pleated Blind is adorned with an optional matching headrail that compliments the blind and gives it a clean, sophisticated finish.

The Pleated Blind is offered in a manual cord pull operating system or with a continuous chain lifting system and are available in a wide range of European fabrics, offering a wide array of colors, neutral and beautiful prints.  

Aerolux offers three styles in the pleated blind:

ONE WAY - Traditional version that lifts up and down from bottom to top

TWO WAY - That allows you to lift from the top or and/or bottom

DAY/NIGHT - That actually serves as two blinds as it has two separate materials, usually a more translucent material, that allows for more light to shine through and a blackout material that will darken the room completely.  

Please come and see of yourself at our store how the Aerolux Pleated Blind gives you clean, simple beauty, privacy and light filtering options to enhance the ambiance of your home.