Curtains done by Aerolux are truly differentiated by the luxurious, rich and stunning fabrics that are used.  Not having to be neccesarily traditional, you can create a warm, chic ambiance, a playful brightness, or a highly sophisticated feel using a myriad of amazing fabrics.  Aerolux designs their curtains in three styles including the Ripple Fold Curtain, the Triple Pleat Curtain and the Eyelit Curtain.

Curtains can be fabricated with three varying light filtering fabrics including:

Sheers - Allow for the most amount of light to come through

Translucents - Allows for a medium amount of light to filer, depending on fabric chosen

Blackout - Completely blacks out the light, optimal for bedrooms 

The Ripple Fold uses a clean and intelligent equal fold design that is created with a special ripple fold mechanism that is then mounted on a designer track.  The curtain is very easy to remove and hang for maintenance and washing.  These curtains are available in a variety of exclusive fabrics, including single layer blackout, wide width sheer, and beautiful translucents.  

These curtains operate on a manual pull system or one can opt for a designer, almost silent motorized system that actually has a manual override option, in case the remote is missing, not easily accessible or there is power failure.  Aerolux is one of the very few to offer this feature and is proud of its innovation and creativity and thoughtful engineering.

 Please visit us at the store to see the curtains displayed, first hand.  You will be amazed as we can show you how curtains can be traditional, contemporary and/or transitional...