Innovation in engineering and constant research and development has enabled Aerolux to design and manufacture high-quality, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing window blind and shade solutions for protection against all challenging weather elements including the sun, rain, wind and snow. All of their designs have been especially created with the luxury interiors market in mind and are held to that level of standard and scrutiny.  

Above all,  we focus on the highest quality manufacturing that guarantees you value for money. Every order is checked and re-checked before production and quality checked again after completion, to ensure perfection.  Every window covering is fully custom, prepared to YOUR specific requirements and personal requests, with delivery in 3 WEEKS. How can we offer such high levels of quality, service, design and customization?

We do so as we are the manufacturer, the supplier, the distributor, the designer and the installer, all in one. By not having tiers in between, we are able to eliminate costs and have the privilege and opportunity to pass that savings onto our most valued customers...YOU. With this, you can transform the look and feel of your home within a budget that you can afford.  Out-of-the box, Do-it-yourself window coverings can be difficult, risky and cumbersome and Fully custom can be extremely expensive.  With our business model and value proposition, we are able to offer you a fully custom product, at Do-it-yourself pricing. 

We also take pride and full responsibility in doing all of our measurements and installations ourself, AT OUR COST, to ensure that our customers are most satisfied and that we exceed expectations in installing our own products.

We invite to learn more about our product line, pricing and to experience the look and feel of the incredible quality and fabulous selections in our store.