Our Story


It all started when...

Aerolux is a luxury window treatment and shades firm based in the USA, India, Singapore, Seychelles, and the Maldives.  With our commercial division dedicated to the high end hospitality industry and our retail catering to the residential market, we bring hotels, resorts and homes, transformation.  

Aerolux brings generations of experience and expertise with it's consistent innovations, establishing itself as a trendsetting brand in the world of high-end window coverings. A family business founded over 50 years ago, the global brand has made it's mark with its highest level of manufacturing, using the highest grade of materials and quality standards and incomparable customer service. 

Aerolux has grown into a market leader within both the luxury residential and commercial markets, particularly in hospitality with installations in the highest and and most upscale, resorts all over the globe including the Maldives, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Turks & Caicos, Fiji, Bali to name a few.  You can see Aerolux installed in almost every 5 star resort across the globe - with names like the Conrad Hilton, The St. Regis, W Resorts, The Westin, The Sheraton Group, Park Hyatt and many more.  *button for See client list*insert buttons with links to properties

Still a family run business dedicated with passion and always focused on quality consciousness, Aerolux today continues to offer you unmatched style and design, doing so in the most traditional sense. Unlike most other manufacturers, Aerolux actually takes the route of investing in local brick and mortar showrooms where our customers can experience the incredible quality and fabulous selections first hand.  Investing in local businesses, employment, services and infrastructure, Aerolux invests in the local economy and supports the increase of local jobs and opportunities. 

With the endorsement of clients, architects and interior designers, Aerolux has been tried, tested and appreciated in the luxury residential and commercial markets and is an ideal brand for builders, architects, interior designers, retailers worldwide.