The Roman Shade

The Roman Shade

Starting at $9/square foot

With years of engineering excellence, Aerolux has designed the Roman Shade on specially designed aluminum profiles that have a unique lifting system, making them extremely smooth and quiet.

Aerolux Roman Shades are manufactured with a step-fold design that results in a most sophisticated and tailored pleated look when the blinds are folded up. Clean and contemporary, the uniform pleats produce a stunning flat, cascade effect when up and a smooth, modern look when lowered.

Aerolux has engineered the Roman Shade in both manual and motorized operating systems.

Roman Shades offer the luxurious look and feel of drapes but extends its versatility and functionality to that of traditional window blinds.  Aerolux has perfected the style and design of the Roman shade, offering varying fabric options that not only offer a distinct look but also offer varying light filtration.

With different light filtering fabric options, you can choose the exact amount of privacy and/or sunlight that you would like to come through the shades with:
-Traditional Black Out fabrics for for privacy and no light
-Translucent fabrics that will allow for some light
-Shade Screen material that will allow for 25% of light to come through

With the Roman Shade, you set the ambiance of your living space with our vast fabric selections. With bold patterns, beautiful prints or simple solids in an array of magnificent textures and colors, we can transform your living space to give you the look and feel you have always desired....