The Monsoon Blind  Starting at $17/square foot

The Monsoon Blind

Starting at $17/square foot

Aerolux's Signature Product, unrivaled and unmatched

Seen in high end resorts, restaurants and cafes all over the world, in celebrity homes, Aerolux brings you the Monsoon Blind.  An outdoor blind, treated for all extreme weather, these blinds are engineered and designed to withstand strong winds and heavy rains, while still offering a sophisticated look and clear visibility to any stunning landscape.  Whether its your backyard,a golf course, hills and mountains, lake or sea, the Monsoon Blind allows you to enjoy your space and extend time spent outside, as it protects you from inclement weather.

Produced with special UV soft, scratch resistant PVC and 316 Marine Grade stainless steel components, including the wires down to each individual screw, these blinds are well protected against sea and salt, extreme sun and will not crack, discolor or gain mold and mildew.  Maintenance is simple, with warm soapy water.  

The look and feel is elegant and sophisticated with its roman fold style, completely hidden behind a custom color valance when rolled up, cascading down beautifully when left down. The Monsoon Blind is available in three operating systems including manual cord pull, a gear crank, or motorized option and has a variety of fabric options, depending on the desired level of protection, privacy, and look and feel you are trying to achieve.  

Please come and see of yourself at our store how the Aerolux Monsoon Blind offers beauty alongside tremendous protection and functionality that allows for maximum visibility.